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Get the Script

Now available for licensing through Broadway DNA, the award-winning Off-Broadway musical is also available in print for individual reading. Get your paperback copy today!

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Who Are We
#10 Audrey (Garrett Matthews as Gregory Peck and Rebecca Ballinger as Audrey Hepburn, Cred
#7 Audrey (Cynthia Davis as Ella Fitzgerald)
#8 Audrey (From L to R_ Cynthia Davis, Ricky Drummond, Bianca Lipford, Rebecca Ballinger,
#13 Audrey - From L to R_ Lenny Mendez, Lindsay Jacobson, Cynthia Davis, Rebecca Ballinger
#2 Audrey (Rebecca Ballinger as Audrey Hepburn, Credit_ William Gallagher)
#4 Audrey (From L to R_ Bianca Lipford, Santiago Alfonzo Meza, Ricky Drummond, Rebecca Bal
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